Best Places To Stay In New Orleans

Nearly nobody across the globe will deny the opportunity to live in America as it is one of the most dazzling places. It does not matter what country or culture you belong to, the majority of people here speak English that breaks the communication barrier for many. You will get overwhelming people in every city of this country, they will smile even at strangers. If you are new in America you do not have to worry as you will not feel lonely here. Though all the cities of America will welcome you with warmth, New Orleans will live in you once you are here. There is something different in the breeze of this city and you will definitely feel the energy here.

One of the most popular cities in America is New Orleans. You can just say that it is the most diverse city in culture than the others. If you are a party animal then welcome to New Orleans. You can easily spot people carrying alcoholic beverages in their go-to cups. Yes, it is that cool! You worship anybody or nobody has nothing to do with anybody. 

Best Places To Stay In New Orleans:

One thing that you need to know is the Best Places To Stay In New Orleans to lead a hassle-free life. I am mentioning a list of places that will make you feel like home yet marvelous and your search for “Where Is The Best Place To Stay In New Orleans” ends here:

French Quarter:

When it comes to New Orleans, you must have heard of the French Quarter. Why not, after all, it is one of the Best Places To Stay In New Orleans-French Quarter. The oldest neighborhood of New Orleans is the French Quarter. You must not be mistaken by the term old as it is not only full of culture and pretty architecture but also a hardcore party place. If you are somewhere in between then have a glance at the mindblowing antiques, delicious food, great boutiques, music at day and party like an animal in the nights. If you are with family then go to America’s aquariums like the cabildo museum. You can witness some street dancing and performances. The brownie point of staying here is that you are at the center of all the attractions and can access anything at any time. I recommend this place to my friends and family whenever they ask me Where Is The Best Place To Stay In New Orleans? French Quarter is on the top of my list. 

You can Stay at Monteleone. This hotel has been in the French quarter since 1886 so you can imagine the level of authenticity of this place. This family-owned place is known to be the most palatial place here. Even if you are not staying at this hotel then you can visit this place’s main attraction “Carousel Bar”. there is nothing about this one that you won’t like, the music, the food, the alcohol, the service, you name it and it’s excellent. 

But if you are on a budget, simply go for the IHSP French Quarter House. You will cherish the perfect blend of meridional hospitality that is clustered by plenty of restaurants and bars. Bourbon Street is also a short walk away from this hostel. The free wifi, Netflix in the common room, lockers, and linen just make it one of the best places to stay in New Orleans.

If you do not wish to go to the Carousel bar then Drink at Arnaud’s French 75 Bar as it is the best alternative for you. The money lamps and vintage decor will amuse you with the tan and private space. You can order anything and not sure will not regret it. The bartenders are experienced at making your poison. If you do not know what to others then go for the bartender’s concoction and you will be impressed. This is the best place to stay in New Orleans for nightlife.

I always recommend my friends to eat at Galatoire’s. The specialty of Galatoire’s is that they offer the taste of the locals to the tourists. Even the waiters’ are the localities that have been working there for ages, they are well dressed and polite. You will be able to spot a black and white theme here with black white tablecloths, walls, and tiles. Gorge on to the mouthwatering dishes like trout almondine, shrimp remoulade, and Orleans dishes.

Garden District / Uptown:

Garden District is recognized for its more modest, domestic neighborhood upriver from the French Quarter. 

The Tulane and Loyola Universities, St. Charles Avenue streetcar, grand historic mansions, the lovely Audubon Park and Zoo, and several beloved local establishments are some of the popular spots here. Though this place is at a distance from the commotion of the French Quarter that extends the culture without any hubbub. You do not have to worry about transportation here as it has so much to endeavor. You can spot the parades down St. Charles that offers a family ambiance and joy. The cafes here are popular for the local taste that has been sitting there for ages and run by the families. Po-boys shop is a must-visit. If you are looking for a summer treat then head for sno-balls. Even if you do not wish to do anything particular then you can enjoy the delightful walks by the oak trees that are everywhere and go for street shopping. You can easily spot a perfect blend of exclusive restaurants and budget-friendly ones too. You can simply go to any Airbnb in the Garden District and not regret it because of the aforementioned factors. This one of the Best Place To Stay In New Orleans For Nightlife.

If food can make or break your mood then I suggest you head to Brigtsens, as this an adorable victorian cottage has existed for more than a century. It has got the taste of Chef Frank Brigsten’s hands that offer the authentic essence to the dishes. You can enjoy the evening by traversing the local streets near to this place as well. 

You can stay at the Terrel House in the Uptown which was converted into a homestay in 1857. The epoch antiques, ceilings of 14 feet, cast-iron balconies and other architectural actors make this place stand out from the others. Do not confuse this place with only antique elements because the guests here will have access to luxurious rooms, rich parlors, verdant courtyard, and modern conveniences. 

Central Business District:

The central business district is not far from the French Quarter and is across the Canal street. This is known as the cement forest of New Orleans as you will spot the office buildings in abundance in this area. This place is perfect for you if you are traveling here for your work. By staying in this area you can simply work and explore the city without traveling back and forth from your stay to work. The conversion of this area began in the late 80s and now is fully flourished with cafes, bars, and you can head anywhere to explore the culture, food and much more without any waste of time. The travelers who wish to acknowledge the culture of New Orleans can step towards the art districts or galleries and museums. The Superdome and Orpheum and Saenger theaters are also a part of the CBD and are a hub to saints of New Orleans. The guests here do not need to spend a fortune on their food because of the existence of Emeril’s, Peche and Cochon. If you are a young traveler then I can bet that you will be attracted to rooftop cafes and bars like Troubadour, Moxy, and Ace. But in case you do not trust such places easily then make your way to the popular landmark hotels like the Le Pavillion, Windsor Court, and Roosevelt. You will have an option to choose from the South Market District and Warehouse as they have the best food alleys with a variety of artful cultural snacks and drinks. The best part is that you can lead to the French Quarter from CBD within no time where all the craziness is present. This one is also among the best places to stay in New Orleans.

If you are looking for a place to stay in CBD then the Old No. 77 Hotel and Chandlery is the best option and you will know why by reading further. You will be living in the presence of the local art, exposed brick walls and hardwood walls, authentic right?. Well, this is not just extraordinary but will also keep you away from the monotonic hotel experience. You will be in between CBD and the quarter as this is just three blocks far from it. You do not even have to worry about your meals here as the Cochon Butcher is here, it is the perfect mic of the offering made by chef Stephen Stryjewski and Donald Link. You can savor the homemade food supplies and grab some jams, meats, sauces, sausages, pickles, and terrines from here. You can not miss the deli-sandwich, Tasso and Andouille of this place. If not then head to the Compere Lapin is a world-class restaurant that is run by chef Nina Compton that has won awards along with hearts. I can simply suggest that you must not miss an opportunity to gorge on the Carribean inspired cuisine and mind-blowing cocktails. 

If you are looking up to crack a business deal then you must step towards the Sazerac Bar as it is a great place and with astonishing ambiance. Sip onto some Ramos Gin Fizz or Sazerac while relishing the beauty of Paul Ninas murals. Even if you are with your friends or family then this is a must-visit gathering place that is perfect for your gala time. 

Marigny / Bywater:

The Marigny or Bywater is a place close to the French Quarter where all the craziness and magic happens. It is an attraction point to the hip and the young as it is the most contemporary neighborhood situated downriver from the quarter across Esplanade Avenue. This place has been a hub to the young, wild and free. Though this area is not accomplished with a chain of hotels, the access to various smaller inns and bread and breakfast cottage is quite easy. You can walk down the Bywater or get a cab or shared cab to reach further amenities. If you are looking for something homely then there is easy access to Creole cottages and memorable homes that even include pretty little cafes and stores. Do not be surprised if you witness art galleries along with hip record stores in these stays. By these, you will be able to ramble the community parks and gardens. When you feel hungry you will be able to locate local food at pretty cute cafes. If you are a vegan then you will face no issue and will not have to ask the waiter to alter the menu as this is the perfect vegan-friendly point along St. Claude Avenue. This is one of the Best Places To Stay In New Orleans.

Do not worry about your poison as the bars spread the to a long way which includes Three Muses, divey Siberia, Frenchmen Street, Bacchanal Wine and a lot more. When it comes to the Frenchmen street you will relish the live music that will give a variety of jazz, brass, reggae, blues and more. As mentioned earlier, the Quarter is a heck crowded place so if you wish to experience the same level of craziness and service in a less clustered place then this is it. The Bacchanal has an unparalleled local appeal and magic hideaway glimpse. Once you are at the edge of the Bywater you can easily spot a wine shop that is more of a hangout pace. It has a treehouse bar along with a grassy back yard. Nothing can be better than this to have a glass of wine with your friend and listen to the live band performance. It is a perfect mix of home yet bar and music. A win-win situation for everybody. 

Vanish your hunger pangs at Adolfo’s that is situated over the Frenchmen street. You can easily locate this place by a small alley of the staircase that goes from the Apple Barrel bar. Note that spot only entertains for cash and serves a mouthwatering regional specialty with a perfect blend of Italian and French- Creole Italian. You will enjoy the decor and the seafood, pasta, pizzas. Anything you order here will be full of flavor and loaded with taste. 


I understand that not everybody is that crazy about the French quarter but wants to be a part of the actions happening there without feeling clustered in the hotchpotch of the Quarter. This place is midway the Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River which makes it convenient for the people residing here to be at peace yet enjoy the adventures of the Quarter whenever they feel like. You can simply take rideshare, cab or taxi to reach the nearby locations. The bike enthusiasts have the option of riding the bikeable 2.6 miles covered trailed. There is a rich, distinct, social community in the Mid-city. You will recognize the popular annual Jass and Heritage festival. The Bayou St. John area is full of creative, colorful and artsy masses. Spotting the historic landmarks by Bayou road is obvious. Mid-city is the best option for frequent visitors as it offers local culture to all. You can also head to Canal Street Inn if you are looking for an area that has easy streetcar access. This place has the perfect amount of peace required by any person after attending the adventures of the town. You will get homecooked food and a homely ambiance here that will surely relax you after a long getaway. You will have access to the luxurious parlor and lush terrace garden. This is one of the Best Places To Stay In New Orleans.

Parkway Bakery and Tavern is one of the best relaxed and family-owned joints. You will get the most delightful fried shrimp, roasted beef, and child Barq’s and beer. The staff of this place is very overwhelming and will treat you just like locals, no segregation. You can have your hands on the smoked alligator sausage when it comes to a non-traditional PO-boy choice. This is the finest choice when it comes to a comfortable B&B. 

Finn McCool’s is the perfect Irish pub that will provide you a hint of the local flavors as well. Once you order your boose you will feel like a localite and lively at this unpretentious place. This spot is a perfect hangout place with your friends, as you can enjoy the Saints games, pub quiz, and soccer games or just your gossip over your poison with your friend. Make sure to order their pub grub as you sip on the beer. 

If you wish to relax a bit then head to the city park that is a 1300 acres lush place. You can relish the nature’s beauty that is loaded with moss-drenched oaks, chirping of the local birds and wide walk-paths. There is a museum in this space too in the name of the New Orleans Museum of Art where you can go and get to the culture a bit deeper. If not this then enjoy mini or regular golf or simply relish the botanical garden. The people who have kids along can step towards Carousel Gardens Amusement Park where there are a ton of activities for the children. Big Lake is also a good option for those who wish to enjoy boating.

I hope that by the end of this article you must have been able to decide the best places to stay in New Orleans according to you. Apart from that, you must have also realized the best places to stay in New Orleans for Nightlife is the French Quarter. 


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