Initial Use of Wedding Hash tags

Wedding hashtag walls and Their Rising Popularity

In this society of social media obsession, there are no days and events without an upload. A wedding day is a special event in everyone’s life. It’s when all your friends and relatives come together. No one wants to miss the memories as they are busy tying the knot. These are the days where people want to shoot their proposals and put them on the web. Let her accept or reject, the only thing that matters is whether the video went viral or not!

Initial Use of Wedding Hashtags

Initial Use of Wedding Hash tags
Initial Use of Wedding Hash tags

Hashtags started being a part of social-media-savvy couples’ weddings in the year of 2012. And then, slowly it started being a trend with hashtags like #AdamWedsEve and slogans like #CrazilyTogetherForever. With the use of such unique hashtags, it got easier to sort and collect the photos and videos from the social media channels to create a personal digital album.

And then, rose the businesses which took over the optimal utilization of hashtags to engage the audience at events including weddings, conferences, concerts, etc.

Wedding Hashtag Walls

A wedding hashtag wall or a wedding social media display wall is a digital display where the social media feeds with the posts, images, and videos of your wedding are aggregated through a special hashtag.

As your friends, family, and other attendees have fun celebrating your wedding, give them a dedicated hashtag to upload their posts, images, and videos with. The wedding social wall collects, curates, and presents the hashtagged social media feeds on a digital screen and let the attendees have fun.

Popular social media aggregators like Taggbox offers tools for aggregating social media posts from multiple social media channels using the wedding. The app customizes the display in an attractive outlay to give the attendees a happy experience.

Why a Wedding Hashtag Wall?

Wedding social walls are trending and it beautifies the aura of your wedding. Here are some reasons why you should have a hashtag wall at your wedding.

1.  Digital Announcement

With everyone making their online presence in the digital world, it’s better to announce your wedding online. Digital invitations are eco-friendly and stays light on the pocket with no worries of being received or not.

Announcing your wedding digitally with your unique wedding hashtag will let your guests know about the occasion. For your friends and family, they can bring up the hype with happiness for your special day as soon as they receive the invitation.

2.  Modern Addition

Give your wedding a tech-savvy addition with a social wall. Even if it is modern technology, it is easily installable, responsive, and adds style to your special day.

Consider this as a modern replacement for the traditional disposable cameras which we used to keep on every table. Now, there won’t be worries of loss of properties as the pictures come from their smartphones and it is easily aggregated through the online tool.

3.  Beyond the Scenes

As the wedding photographers are busy capturing the wedding, the guests can capture precious moments to add to the digital album on the social wall. With your wedding decor and vibrancy in the background, it becomes a good spot for the attendees to click selfies.

The social wall works as a collective album of everyone’s memories on your special day. With no technical team to handle at the venue, the hashtag wall will be updated with all relevant feeds in real-time.

Decisive Deal

If you have any of your friends getting married soon, let them know about wedding hashtag walls and make their wedding interesting. Installing a wedding hashtag wall can make people talk about it for days.

Create and share more memories of the special day before, while, and after the wedding!

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